There have certainly been ups and downs in my life but by and large, to date, it has been fun and successful. I never really talk about my work in detail on my blog or vlog posts but will start to open up in the coming months. You will probably be quite surprised by the extent to what I do.  Believe it or not I like to be quite guarded about my personal life – so, I am not even sure how I got into vlogging to the extent I do. I think it was the challenge.

I cannot stand to be the person who sits by and watches other people have the success, and I wish more people took this stance as you do not have to accept your status quo in life. It is another reason why I bang the drum at times to encourage people to take the plunge and relocate to another country. Just do something rather than get caught in mundane!

One of my mid range objectives was to bring a big superstar to Thailand with a big Gala Dinner and create a bit of a stir. Last year I targeted the current Heavyweight Champion of the World, Tyson Fury. I wanted to see if it was possible.

Fast forward to the present and I am absolutely delighted to confirm that this vision is about to happen, and I would love you to attend and enjoy the evening.

On Thursday 8th June in Bangkok there will be a one night Gala Dinner with Tyson Fury – and also the opportunity to meet him before the dinner and get your photo taken with him. It is going to be an awesome and memorable evening for anyone attending.

Plantations International will present the event as the headline sponsor.

For more details on the different ticket options, click this link:

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