Relocating to Thailand some 17 years ago now helped reinforce my desire to keep upsetting the apple cart and refusing to live a mundane and somewhat predictable life. It empowered me and showed me we could take control of our life and do whatever we want in this world.

Since then I have done so many interesting things from media – including having TV channels in Pattaya, Bangkok hotels to Koh Chang – to being a shareholder and active partner in (now ASEAN NOW). Bringing heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury to Bangkok was also an amazing experience, proving all the naysayers wrong who told me he would never come.

Along the way I have received numerous negative online posts and messages sent to me, knocking me for what I do. It has been a surprise but comes with the territory I guess. Those that do not do much with their lives will knock others who keep trying and want to achieve.

Nonetheless, each achievement and accomplishment fuels the fire in my gut to keep trying to do amazing things and see what I can make possible. We get one life after all.


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