Over the years it has become a far more challenging affair to stay in Thailand as cost of living has gone up, whilst general expat opportunity fallen. If you are a working expat, like I am, it has been a case of the survival of the fittest – and I have seen many friends forced to return back home.

The learning for me is to work as hard as you would anywhere in the world. Although it is a lifestyle choice to live in Thailand, you now need to work especially hard to live it  to the full.

I work harder than I worked back in London which was a senior position in a large company. That is my lifestyle in Thailand, but it is still fun.

My passion project which I have invested much monies and time is www.youaremia.com.

YouAreMIA.com is a very interesting and powerful platform that connects businesses with relevant social media users for their business. These social media users can share the businesses campaigns and posts on their social media, like Facebook, for their friends to read.  I have been blown away by its performance and benefit to participating businesses in Thailand, so much so that in October I launch YouAreMIA.com in a test city in the UK.

Do take a look and sign up, either as a business or social media user. It is very simple to join and easy to use: YouAreMIA.com Click here to Visit.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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