This is not the first time I have visited Walking Street in Pattaya since the International borders closed to tourists, but it was the most poignant.

On this occasion I decided to walk as opposed to just drive through and also I chose an evening usually alive thousands of party revelers. Surreal is not the word, it’s borderline scary. Seeing one of the most vibrant and noisy party streets in the world become so desperately empty and quiet borders on nonsensical.

Given the time now that this street has been closed and the unknown that still lay ahead, it is anyone’s guess as to whether Walking Street can ever recover to its former glory. Furthermore we just have no idea how these lock downs across the world will have seriously changed how people approach overseas travel and adult nightlife streets like this again.

In many respects Walking Street – as a proposition – had been on the decline for many years, so the damage from this extended closure could be very serious to its future recovery and sustainability. I have no doubt though that this key location in central Pattaya will reemerge, but I am not so sure what it will reemerge as longer term.


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