Let’s park the paperwork that comes with living in Thailand as this can be a bit of a headache at times; what I want to focus on is the lifestyle aspect of day to day living here. This is a podcast about the feelings invoked about being abroad in Thailand.

I have worked in Thailand for a decade and yet never felt like the rat race existence of what come from working in the UK. The opportunity to make money in Thailand is also pretty good if you can spot the potential and living costs tend to be less too.

I don’t want to focus on the negative with this podcast but instead be very general about how it feels to live here especially when I contrast to how I found living in the UK before hand. For the record, I never disliked living in the UK and liked my job very much – it is just much better being in Thailand (especially given the fact I had lived in the UK for my first 30 years, so I was long overdue a change).

Living abroad sets you free in more ways than one

Although not covered in the podcast, I also found that spending time in a new culture and with different types of people and nationalities has woken me up from how much we are restricted by a society in terms of conformity and boundaries to what we think. I am a much broader and rounded individual for the experience.


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