The problem I have with trying to work out the best place to school my kids is that fellow parents all think they are right without necessarily have done their homework. Those that send their kids to International Schools in Thailand will say one thing and those forced back to the UK as they cannot afford the International Schools will say another. Their comments are no more than to reaffirm their own decisions, nothing more.

So, one week I think the UK and then the following week after hearing pro Thai International School arguments, I think Thailand. It is a nightmare and over the coming months I will do my own thorough research on both options, that includes seeing pass marks to schooling facilities from schools in the UK to International Schools in Thailand. Finally I will draw more robust, reasoned conclusions and will share it with any other parent interested.

As it stands today I think, if finances permit, Thai International Schools look much more favourable than UK public schools and I am quite sure my position with be validated after doing more research.

Here are my latest conclusions…


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