I enjoyed my recent trip back to the UK with my two kids but I will not be rushing back to live back in the UK anytime soon. What is clear is that there are pros and cons to any location you choose to call home; but in the UK it is so evident you are just a cog in the system and I would not want to become just another number to this set up.

What the trip has done, however, is left me with many questions that I don’t currently have the answers too.

The UK is becoming more and more like Singapore every time I visit. A slick, well oiled machine that has everyone adhering to the abundance of rules, laws and legislation. It means society can be civil, organised and, most importantly, controlled. But, I struggle with the idea of becoming part of such a society. Yes, it means everything works well but at what cost to an individuals true ability to have their own thoughts and controls?


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