I live in Pattaya but recognise it has a seedier, rough around the edges image across the world. More fool the rest of the world I say.

Last Saturday my Russian wife, a friend and I went to Soi LK just for a few drinks and to check it out and we had a great time.

I don’t care that there are ago-gos, my wife certainly didn’t either and we hit two of them as we explored the Soi. It was fun and the whole Soi had a good buzz about it.

When you consider some of the towns in the UK on a Saturday evening, they are almost no go zones as they can be rife with trouble as youngsters consume too much alcohol and become boisterous. Here we are in the heart of Pattayas nightlife zone – Soi LK – and it felt completely safe.

Whilst out on the Soi I met a local expat, Dennis, and asked him what he liked about Soi LK. As you will see from the video below he liked it for the atmosphere and well priced drinks. The naysayers will not want to agree with this opinion and will want to tarnish the soi based on the ago-gos and bar girls working there I am quite sure. For me, I enjoyed it and I was not ‘mongering’ as I think the term is known as.

Soi LK feels like an escape from the real world, it is a place that older guys can go for a night out and not feel past it or not welcome. With plenty of outside beer bars the seats on the edge of the pedestrian only road it feels a lot like one big street party.

Had to laugh still, on one side of the Soi was big banners for 60 baht happy hour drinks whilst on opposite side it was a buy one get one free drink offer – yet the drink price was 130 baht. All good fun and games.

When I first came to Thailand over ten years ago this Soi was dead, you had a few bars but nothing like today. Walking Street, Soi 7 and Soi 8 were the place to party. Well those days feel long gone, Soi LK was heaving.


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