From time to time I get the odd online social comment suggesting Pattaya is a bad place to raise a family and quite frankly it is dated narrative that does not reflect the reality.

If my kids were, say, in the UK then they would spend much of their free time outside of school holed up indoors on their iPads. Yet in Pattaya there is an abundance of family friendly activity to enjoy and nourish their upbringing. Pattaya versus the UK for me at least is a no contest. Pattaya wins every time.

On this particular Saturday the kids had just finished football training, which they do every week, and now we were to enjoy some off road buggy fun with Off Road Safari in East Pattaya. Later that evening we went to Bangkok to check out a recommended live music venue and then stayed in a hotel for the night. On the Sunday we chilled out back in Pattaya in our local Sauna. We squeeze the fun out of most weekends as a family in Thailand.


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