Such is the nature of my job I get the opportunity to dip in and out of the different regions in Thailand. It really mixes up my working month and as a result I never get the chance to feel bored.

I could be in Hua Hin for a few days allowing me to make the most of the beaches, night markets and more sedate, relaxed lifestyle; then I could travel to Bangkok and instantly hit a cosmopolitan, busy environment. Two and a half hours apart but in terms of proposition they are worlds apart.

Pattaya, where I currently live, has pretty much everything I need and has some strange pull over me that means I can never quite bring myself to relocate.

And where Thailand is very strong is island life. To jump on an internal flight to somewhere like Samui is out of this world. Thailand, if you have the opportunity to travel, is wonderful and would take some beating. In fact, I have yet to find somewhere quite like it.

Thailand offers so much


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