I had to think a few times before settling on this vlog title as I didn’t want to be misleading in any way, but I don’t think this title does. Pattaya is a great place for a short break, no question about that. Pattaya is also no longer reserved for the single retirees, far from it in fact; so much so that some would argue it barely caters for them now.

Pattaya has rebranded and is family friendly and hugely popular with Chinese and Indian holidaymakers. As many of you know, I used to live in Pattaya for over a decade and still have fond memories but I could see the writing was on the wall for most businesses targeting Expats. Modern Pattaya is aligned to the holidaymaker and has something for everyone wanting to enjoy themselves.

I had looking forward to my trip to Pattaya and spending it one of my favourite places, the Thai Garden Resort. It is just so relaxing and the evening buffet is a must try too. The added benefit to this resort is that it is located right by the new Terminal 21 shopping centre.

For more information on Thai Garden Resort – You can visit their website here. Likewise, you can check out Terminal 21’s website by clicking here too.


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