I am a big fan of Hua Hin. It seems to edge every other region by getting everything just about right, the local expats coin the phrase ‘The Goldilocks Effect’- not too much and not too little of everything. This, to me, is what makes it so appealing.

For starters, the air is clean, the beaches are clean and the water is clean. Perfect for my kids to enjoy themselves on the beaches here. There is a huge coastline to enjoy too.

One of my favourites is Khoa Takiab beach. Perhaps not the quite the traditional yellow sands but still absolutely wonderful. During the day you get the beach pretty much to yourself, yet in the evening the beach welcomes both local Thais and expats as they enjoy the beach without the strength of the day time sun beating down on them.

Takiab is located to the end of Hua Hin about 3km from the more centrally located Blupoint shopping centre and 1km from the Cicada Market. The Pattaya – Hua Hin ferry pier is also located on Khao Takiab beach.


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