Whilst in Koh Chang recently I wanted to dig a bit more into the Lonely Beach area, I had found the party back packing scene by chance a few years back. It is not obvious to find from the main road and once discovered its like walking into the movie ‘The Beach’ just in terms of discovering a true backpacking hub located on a beautiful island.

Lonely Beach is no longer reserved just for backpackers

Lonely Beach is described on many online sites a cheap location for restaurants and places to stay. Well, yes and no. For it has started to attract tourists who are not traveling on a budget so you get this wonderful fusion of classic cheap back packing areas with a sprinkling of very nice restaurants and places to stay in among the area.

Quick side note for you. Lonely beach was actually given its name – previously called ‘Hat Ta Nam’ – by an enterprising resort owner and the name just stuck.

Just by chance of this visit the sun was starting to set and so I found this quaint bar right on the sea front and the sunset was quite unexpected. It was simply stunning and my vlog below probably does not even do it enough justice.

Although Lonely Beach is very beautiful and although some of the coastline is somewhat rocky, one thing is for sure, it is a picture perfect location as my vlog hopefully captures.

I am a big fan of Koh Chang already, it is located on the Eastern Seaboard and is the third biggest island on Thailand, and my fascination with the island just gets better the more times I visit it.

For the international holiday maker they would not be disappointed with a two week vacation here at all. You have wonderful sandy beaches, lots of areas to explore and plenty of your creature comforts such as lots of restaurants and bars.


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