It had been many years since I had last been to the Naklua seafood market, nothing much had changed but that’s not a bad thing. It was still very busy and if you take a car it could take you a while to find a space as parking is limited. But for all round freshness and value there is no where better in the Pattaya region than this market.

Whatever your preference you will find it here and for added convenience you can get your fish cooked at one of the many stalls too.

I took my family and the area itself was perfect for my two youngsters to run around in the park just behind the market itself. It is located in the old Naklua area and as such it still retains some of that traditional charm that is absolutely found wanting in the main Pattaya town itself.

I have lived in Pattaya many years and visiting places like this generally fall off my radar, so I was actually quite eager to pop to this market when my wife suggested it and it was certainly a welcome change from my usual Sunday often spent just relaxing at home or the beach.

If you go to the Naklua seafood market expect it to be quite busy, Thais after all love their seafood. Any fish you buy the vendors will gut and prepare it for you, so all you need to do is cook it; but as I said earlier it is very convenient just to get it cooked at the market.

Russians also love their seafood and so if you go here during Russian high seasons – so between October and March – there will be lots of Russians also at the market. It is a buzz of activity and worth a visit even if you are not passionate about your seafood, just to walk through it is well worth it.

So the Naklua Seafood market, well worth a visit.


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