It’s refreshing that in a era of political correctness you can still grab a beer and have it served by a pretty Thai girl, and by that I mean in which she knows it and you know it and it’s fine to talk about it.

In the West it is almost an offense to tell a lady – other than your wife – that she looks beautiful. It is becoming such an issue that people don’t know what they can and cannot say to the opposite sex for fear of offending.

Thankfully Thailand has yet to succumb to barmy political correctness and for that I am very grateful. The issue in the West has become such an issue that some firms promote their products with more rotund ladies – but surely that is promoting obesity so how can that also be right?

I see no issue in embracing and celebrating those that are more beautiful than others, and that is why I like the Hooters restaurant proposition. It is harmless fun for everyone. In the West though everyone is now far more concerned with somehow insulting or offending others and it is sucking all the life out of people.

In my opinion, we all need to just chill out, not take life so seriously and just have fun.


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