Initially I thought it was a clear cut answer to this question, of course you would just buy from a developer and live on a development. After all with freehold issues as a foreigner and security concerns living outside a development it was not worth the risk to choose otherwise.

However, it appears it is not such an open and shut a decision and their are clear benefits also of buying a private property.

There is more to consider than you realise

Personally, I learned a lot making this vlog with local realtor Scott Beecham from TCH Property and hope you do too. Without question choosing the right property for you is so important to ensure you get the most from your dream life in Thailand. Previously Scott and I discussed the merits of buying a condo in the town centre or an out of town villa and this too offered much food for thought.

Vlog: Buying a private property versus from a development

For more information on buying a property in Thailand I certainly recommend TCH Property. You can contact them via the following options:

Scott Beecham + 66 (0) 927605589 / Email:

web address:


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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