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Thailand has long been respected for it’s advances in Medical Tourism, providing excellent facilities, innovative treatments and professional staff in a warm and welcoming environment. Thailand has a long history for Aesthetic treatments with sensible pricing and high quality and results. The range of treatments available is vast as are the number of suppliers with excellent hospitals and clinics found not only in Bangkok but throughout the country. The Top 6 Aesthetic Medical Treatments in Thailand are:-

Longevity Tourism– a new, exciting and a trend that is becoming exceedingly popular with visitors from all around the world. Thailand’s forward-thinking Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors are adopting highly innovative health and wellness programmes regarding longevity that include functional medicine, regenerative medicine, anti-aging and cosmetic surgery to help you feel better, enjoy life more, look younger and hopefully live longer! The range of treatments can range from innovative Telomere Elongationwhich boosts the longevity of our cells by a highly personalised programme; Regenerative Healthcarewhich not only reduces the possibilities of future illness but also regenerates the body with a goal of achieving longevity of life; plus a range of Health Resorts at Detox Centresthat will assist in improving the state of body and mind.

Cosmetic Surgery – is readily available throughout Thailand with a vast range of highly qualifies and experienced specialists for every procedure. Endoscopic Brow lift procedures will reduce the earliest signs of aging as will many of the facial treatments that are readily available. Breast lift, implants or reduction can raise confidence and improve posture creating improved spinal functions. Body surgery will turn back the clock on some over-indulgencies and also lead to a re-start of a healthier life style with buttock lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks and with the innovative Vaser liposuction removing excess fat the skin can remain firmer and with a younger body shape. Whilst often regarded with some derision, cosmetic surgery is now extremely advanced and can improve self esteem and a more active lifestyle, naturally combined with a new diet and health regime.

Source: https://meanderingtales.com/top-6-aesthetic-medical-treatments-thailand/


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