Much has been written about the motives of Thai girls when it comes to choosing a foreign boyfriend and the popular label is that of being money driven. I have lived in Thailand too long not to disagree with this as in many cases financial security is clearly the motivating force. But it is not always the case or at least I think this to be true.

I put the question to my Thai female employees in my office, why did they choose a foreigner over a Thia guy (one of my staff is strictly Thai only, so why was that too)?

Are Thai girls always chasing the money?

What is also true is that ‘financial security’ is important to people world over, both male and female and besides Bangkok salary among many Thai girls is fairly low – so why wouldn’t they want to look for a better life? It has almost turned into a stigma to even discuss this, but I don’t see the problem?

Anyway, here is my vlog interviewing four Thai girls to find out what their position was on the subject.

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