I have been taking a closer look at the Pattaya property market over the last month as I was a little surprised to hear that the market is actually quite brisk. My wife works in real estate and she is flat out busy, hence my curiosity to get to know the market a bit more.

It appears, with the exception of the 1-m THB condo units, that anything in excess of 3-m THB is very sellable with many pointing to a good future ahead in Pattaya. I had my property valued recently and it has increased by 2.5m THB on what I paid 7 years ago – and agents are hounding me to put it on the market (which I have refused). I also share much optimism for the years ahead in Pattaya. Just a few years ago I was being told my property value was LESS than what I paid, making the positive swing all the more interesting.

This property in the vlog is very much on the market now – May 2022 – and I really liked it and thought the price was good. You can arrange a viewing if interested by emailing dan@choicegroupasia.com.


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