Now when it comes to buying property in Thailand versus the UK I admit the two locations present very different motivations for buyers, however, for playfulness alone, it makes for an interesting comparison.

When I posted this vlog on my social networks it was met with some very valid points by users, some sited the fact if they bought a property in the UK it will most likely appreciate – something unlikely in Thailand – so as an investment the UK is better. Whereas others pointed to superior build qualities in the UK too.

I am not disagreeing with or wishing to debate any of these observations, I just want to show visually the difference between two similar priced properties in the UK and Thailand.

But it is horses for courses, as rental returns can be much stronger in Thailand against your investment. And, of which is the premise of this vlog, you get so much more property for your money in Thailand in terms of size etc.

Two property comparisons

If you want to view another Thailand property vlog then you may enjoy my earlier one looking at the difference between buying property within a development against private property.

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