Quite often it is assumed that all the learning’s one way traffic from Westerner to Thai. Never is it discussed what Westerners can learn from Thais, which there are many.

Our Western culture now is much more insular – we don’t even like to answer a mobile phones when they ring now, preferring to message. We always create this busy environment that does not make daily room for catching up with friends and family. I often think we have lost the plot a little as what can be better in this world then good social interaction with each other?

Thais get it right, Westerners get it wrong

I certainly think where the Thais get it right is in ensuring the make time to eat together everyday. The truth is during my working day that is the furthest thing from my thoughts, I grab some food on the go during the day and it is very low priority compared to my work. But I think, on reflection, that this is a real shame.

Take a look at my vlog that I shot at the excellent Tamarind weekend food market in Hua Hin where I discuss how we can learn from Thais when it comes to eating together.


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