If you have never visited Walking Street in Pattaya then I highly recommend the 1km stroll through this now infamous Soi. Ten years ago this was the place to party throughout the night, it was electric.

Is Walking Street Pattaya relevant to today’s tourist?

Over the last decade however Pattaya has been moving in a different path than the Walking Street proposition and there are repeated rumours about whether Walking Street will be demolished and made way for a more family friendly promenade destination. You see apparently much of Walking Street has been built over water and not on land as so by virtue that makes it illegal.

It is also no secret that Pattaya has been seeking new appeal and today it caters much more for the Chinese tour groups than it does the single Western guy. In fact the single Western guy finds himself increasingly marginalised. It begs the question therefore – Will the party finally be over for Walking Street anytime soon?


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