If anyone has done the daily commute into London at 630am in winter then you will know it can be very hard work. For me it was one such morning that proved the tipping point, I needed to get out of the UK and change my life.

I never disliked living and working in the UK by the way, in fact it was tremendously rewarding and challenging. I just wanted something different and did not fancy another 30 years of a fairly predictable, mapped out life that I felt living in the UK would have given me.

Many people fail to grasp just how short our lives are and kind of just coast by and let life control them. I wanted to control my life in a more significant way. Leaving the UK and relocating to Thailand was the kind of big life changing move I wanted to make.

Making a decision to change your life, even if it proves the wrong decision, is better than making no decision on your life at all.

I had to leave the UK for Thailand to keep control of my own destiny


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