There has certainly been extensive property development in Pattaya over the last decade and during Covid many fire sales too, but throughout the main realtors have been reporting brisk trade.

I am not one to believe the property hype over the years but over the last 6-months I think there are genuine reasons to be optimistic. Of course you will always get the naysayers, but I have it first hand on my own condominium. Although I have no plans to sell my condo as it is unique – which actually is part the reason I like Serenity condominium so much – during Covid I was getting offers of 7m – 8m THB. Very cheeky.

In the last month someone offered 12m THB, which again I declined. It is case in point though, something is happening in Pattaya and money is being spent and no longer on fire sales.

If you want to live in a shoe box then there are plenty of studio and small one bedrooms available, in fact in my opinion there is too much of this type of units. Serenity Condominiums on the other hand offers only spacious 2 and 3 bedroom units, they feel like a villa when you walk in.

Anyway, the choice if yours but here is my review of this new condominium located just behind Rhompo market in Jomtien.


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