I was concerned that living so long away from the UK in a country like Thailand may have compromised me as an individual. But, you know what, I think it has made me better.

If I had stayed in the UK, what would have become of me?

I often look at my peers back in the UK and wonder what may have become of me if I had chosen to stay living back in the UK. Where would I work now and how much would I earn? I used to always be the top earner among my friends, I was, and remain, hugely ambitious. Back then I was senior management working in London before I hit 30. I lived the high life, but I wanted more – or should I say – I wanted something different.

My stay in Thailand saw me fully take advantage of the lifestyle before calming down a little and refocusing my career again. In that time I have become the MD for Thaivisa.com among other media in Thailand, ranging from online to television. It has been a good adventure, but at what impact on me personally. How had I changed and was it for the better?

Ultimately it is very difficult to know what the best choice would have been for me between staying in the UK or coming to Thailand. In the purest form maybe the question need be no more complex that do I love my life? If that was the question then it is a resounding yes, but I have always been a positive guy so it would no doubt still be a big yes if I was living in the UK.

Life, hey? I love life and it often pains me with the realisation that one day it will all be over for me, for my family and for everyone around me. Life is as magical as it is tragic. For now, my adventure in Thailand is still very much alive and the pros outweigh – only just I might add – the cons of living here.

Does living in Thailand make me a better person, of that I am quite sure it does though.


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