Living in Thailand you would think Expats would all pull together as one common group- but it appears all expats are not built the same – and that there are very clear differences regionally. Pattaya seems to get hardest hit when it comes down to perceptions of others outside of the region, but is it well founded and fair criticism?

The debate is not only are these views fair but also are they true. I live in Pattaya as an expat so see first hand what the region is like so I see and understand both local views within Pattaya but also get very much why expats in other regions may think like they do.

Anyway here were three random interviews from Hua Hin Expats and their views on the typical Pattaya Expat. It makes for compelling viewing!

It often feels like the city stands alone versus the rest of Thailand, almost as if it is a different country altogether. I have read many a book on the subject, in fact one book titled ‘The diary of a Bangkok private eye’ described Fun City as ‘The wild west of Thailand that brings together the worst kind of foreigner and worst kind of Thai’. Often I feel the city is just misunderstood and stigmas of over a decade ago are just impossible to shake off, but then on occasions I often question my own affectionate judgement of the region and think I could be deluding myself.

Without question, you mention the word Pattaya to most people and they will have an opinion and usually that opinion is strong and also divided. It is a debate, I suspect, that no one side will ever win.


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