Health and Wellness in Beautiful Pai

Don’t ask me why but it has taken me 16 years of living in Thailand to finally visit Pai in Northern Thailand, and have I been missing out! And if you love wellness and health then you will love this province.

I was amazed at just how beautiful the terrain and landscape was, in my opinion even better than the mountains of nearby Chiang Mai. Furthermore, the atmosphere of the people, both back packers, expats to local Thais, was infectious. Contentment is probably the word most befitting to describe them all.

Wellness was something that appeared important to this provinces visitors and there were many resorts and eateries catering for this. I have to admit, I fell in love with it all and would put Pai on a Thailand bucket list of must see places.

My vlog here was a simple walk through of the Good Life Dacha wellness resort run by a very pleasant Ukrainian man.

Pai, I will be back.

For more information on Goodlife Dacha in Pai, Northern Thailand:


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