Get More from Your Life – How I reached the Solution


I used to work in London in a great job but I could see my life was largely mapped out for me; a couple of kids, wife, nice car, couple of holidays every year, mortgage to pay. In fact it would on the whole be not much different from everyone else. I asked my colleagues in my office if they were happy with their life and I was met with more of a shrugging acceptance than a euphoric yes. Right then I decided that I wanted to take back control and live a more fruitful, fulfilling life…and I never looked back.

My parents both also died relatively young in my life, and it was the sum total of all of this that made me start to question life and how to seize the moment and not accept the norm. So, I begun to study on the subject – one of my strengths has always been in my creativity so I was sure after becoming well versed on options I could develop a concept on taking back control in your life (which I ascertained was one of the biggest inhibitors).

We are Controlled and Influenced Beyond Belief

There are two groups of individuals – the leaders and the followers – and about 95% of us are followers. We conform all too easily. Most of us fall into this group, even if we don’t think we do. Trust me, I ll show you that you do.

We are all nudged and influenced every moment of our life from our peers, media to even our local supermarket merchandising that Coke cooler in a certain way. There is a reason they put fruit and vegetables at the start of your shop by the way – they know it gets you into a buying mode and that helps impulsive sales later on in the store. Supermarkets have far more tricks up their sleeves to influence us, but as the consumer we are naive to all this. A supermarket is just one area in day to day life, I ll explain more in my course.

We can Achieve All Our Dreams – Easily

I started to develop a concept over 20 years ago and have been refining it ever since. I even tested the concept with my life and I have never looked back. I quit a high paid job in London and left for Thailand with no plan. The core concept is very simple – and I just know it will help you too.

And by the way, I have read a lot of so called self-help gurus and I do not believe their hype, my concept and approach is not the same.

I am now MD for the largest foreign media group in Thailand, which includes Thaivisa. I have launched television shows that now play throughout Thailand. I travel the world and have at least five big holidays a year – some of which I don’t even have to pay for myself. Really, you can achieve so much in your life and be the one in control. I have no debt and I own property in Thailand and the UK. But that is not the end of the journey for me, I have so many goals and a vision of what I want to go on and achieve. Just about everything is possible.

But it is not just about these material gains it is about my mental well being and perception on life. I am liberated from all these influencing factors around me.

I am my own leader, I refuse to be controlled. I question everything and feel sad when I see others being influenced and controlled so easily. We even have a world of self-governance now, it is pathetic.

Take Control and Achieve Improved Well Being and Success

I have prepared a 35 page training course that is very easy to follow and a 20 minute audio file to go with this course too.

It should make a big difference in your life and help you achieve whatever success you want to reach.

This course is available now at US$63, £45 or 1,800 Thai Baht. Contact me below and I will send you bank details to arrange the transfer and will then email you the course presentation and audio file.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If after two days of purchase you feel this course gave you no benefits then I will give you your money back. But please, if – like I suspect – you get great benefit do not do this!!

Take back control of your life now…You will never look back.


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