I was with a developer in Hua Hin this week and the subject of Expats came up. Now I know from surveys that those in Hua Hin have a higher disposable income than the average expat in Pattaya for example and facts like this tend to draw wrong conclusions. If you asked many the difference between an Expat in these two regions many would say you live in Hua Hin if you have more money and this is wrong. It may be true that they have more money but money is the not the causality of picking a region to live.

Some areas of Pattaya do attract Expats with good pensions and a high disposable income still. Money is not the reason at all why you choose a certain area to live.

The reason I have written this blog is the developer I was with in Hua Hin said he can tell when he meets a ‘Pattaya-type’ expat. He said he has a friend that moved from Pattaya to Hua Hin as he wanted to slow his life down a little, but he could not adjust to the move and soon returned back to Pattaya to live. The developer said he was not surprised, he was always a ‘Pattaya-type’ after all was his explanation. He did not naturally fit in.

How can you describe different expat traits that live in Thailand region to region?

So, next question – and I asked the developer – what is a Pattaya type and for that matter what are the types for other regions?

He said traits that stand out for someone who liked Pattaya were elements of the following: a Wide boy, a ‘geezer’, someone that likes a faster style of life and will party hard, a guy that likes his women, someone looking for a good price or deal (even if they have money), a guy who likes to have a beer and spend time in the bars. The type of guy that just cannot stay still.

I am sure many in Pattaya could be offended but I also imagine by token they will smirk in knowledge that they hit at least one of those characteristics. I come from Pattaya and cannot really argue with what the developer said.

It makses sense, if you were a ‘Pattaya-type’ then moving to Hua Hin may be just that little too sedate for your liking.

Now think of Bangkok. Again, not making someones affluence the correlating causality of why they choose the capital (it certainly can be a resulting byproduct though), expats are likely to have chosen the region as they wish to work and that they are younger and there is far more employment opportunities. Hua Hin is for the retiree that wants to slow things down a little, perhaps play some golf, spend time reading or relaxing in their pool villa; the idea of partying or looking for a cheap restaurant bargain is not such a priority.

My point to all this. An expats class and affluence is not the determining factor in where they live in Thailand, what is is the style of life they want to live aligned to their individual traits and characteristics. The region is really a reflection on who you are as a person and what you want out of life.


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