Roll back two years and I started to test vlogging as nothing more than an experiment to see how people would receive a video article as opposed to the more traditional blog.

At the time I decided it was too late to win on You Tube and so chose Facebook as the primary platform to post my vlogs. It proved a good decision and in the early days Facebook would push video posts harder than they do now and one of my video reach 100k views which from a standing start was quite staggering really.

After a few months my Facebook page had grown rapidly and I decided to open a You Tube channel too so that I had duplicate sites to post the vlogs; but – and this is the truth – vlogging is quite hard work and time consuming and so as a hobby it was becoming a chore. And then I met Alan Bolton from Alan Bolton Property Services in Pattaya.

How we teamed up!

Alan is well known in Pattaya and has arguably the biggest real estate agency in the town. The reason he has done so well are good consumer centric disciplines and also knowing how to promote his business effectively. Alan knew that vlogs on Pattaya and other areas of Thailand were what people were now watching and he also said he enjoyed watching my videos. It was therefore very straightforward, Alan Bolton Property Services became Dan about Thailand’s main sponsor.

It was the encouragement I needed and so I persevered in making at least 4 vlogs per month. In this time I also launched a website. During the relationship Dan about Thailand’s Facebook page grew from 1,000 to 7,000 followers, my You Tube channel hit 1,000 subscribers and my website is now achieving 50,000 page views a month.

Dan about Thailand moved from an experiment to a product.

I have recently relocated from Pattaya to Hua Hin and this has seen less focus on Pattaya vlogs and so Alan and I decided this was the right time for our association to stop, although he maintains a banner on my website.

This is my open letter to Alan thanking him for his support in the early years and I would strongly recommend Alan Bolton Property Services to anyone looking for property in Pattaya.

You can visit his property site here


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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