Thailand always amazes you and, in my humble opinion, more often than not in a good way. The recent legalization of cannabis could very well be a master stroke for the countries tourism growth.

Speaking to many working in hospitality, a few were puzzled over the strategy suggesting it was out of kilter with the high end tourist targeting that has been suggested by Thailand tourism authority, but I think it can work in parallel very nicely. Thailand can accommodate different tourist demographics very well.

Thailand has demonstrated it has its finger on the pulse with global trends and a relaxation of attitudes to a plant that repeatedly demonstrated positive benefits for people. The country is also the first to advance such a move in South-East Asia, a region known for its stringent drug laws.

There are a number of rules attached to the selling of cannabis such as the level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is allowed.

Customers can also now buy online and have premium buds sent directly to their homes anywhere in Thailand – click to view website.


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