I put a lot of pressure on myself to continually move forward in life as I don’t ever want to feel like I have stagnated. For me life is about getting as much as you can out of it. I never take for granted what I have in Thailand and everyday I work on improving myself and business.

The knack though, I am quickly learning, is not to burn yourself out. To the casual observer my life looks pretty cool. My last week has seen me spend a few days in Pattaya at my office there, now I am in Bangkok for a series of meetings (one of which included meeting Mike Tyson) and then nearer the end of this week I am back in Hua Hin to interview Frank Bruno (former heavyweight champion) in a telephone call to be broadcast on a local radio channel. And finally, deep inhale, I hope to grab some time at my desk in my Hua Hin office to catch up on business as usual.

In among all this I also found time to attend a Bangkok gala dinner, a networking function and a Hooters Calendar party both in Pattaya – certainly all fun but very tiring at the same time. It is relentless and my days and weeks are always as hectic as they are now. I cannot remember the last time I had a couple of weeks in one location.

photo: Gala Dinner in Bangkok

photo: Movers and Shaker networking in Pattaya

photo: Hooters Calendar Party in Pattaya

But I am all to aware that if you are not moving forward you are, in effect, going backwards. It is not cliche, it is true. Business has to evolve and grow and if we rest on our laurels we will lose relevance to our consumers and customers.

photo: Meeting Mike Tyson in Bangkok

It is very true that the harder you work, the more great things start to happen. I am pleased to report that business has got good momentum at the moment and I don’t want to lose that, as it can fall off the rails very easily.

Interestingly I use Dan about Thailand to vlog and blog as a kind of mental time out, so as I write this it is a little like a cigarette break to a smoker! I thought this blog would be a chance to let you know what I do ‘behind the scenes’ as typically my vlogs focus on particular things in Thailand – this is the first time I have really shared my work ethic living in Thailand.

As 2018 draws to a close I am looking forward to my Christmas break where I can spend some more time with my fantastic family and recharge my batteries ready for 2019.

Thailand is a fantastic country to live, but just like anywhere in the world, to get the most from it you need to work at it and have goals and drive.


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