A quick glance on Thaivisa.com and I can see what the big debates are among the expats living in Thailand, and one of the most popular at the moment caught my eye. A forum user asked what others would miss if they had to leave Thailand. We all from time to time have a moan about living here, but pushed into a corner on the subject most of us could never entertain the thought of leaving. Although, for the record, I could certainly see my family and I leaving one day.

Anyway besides the fairly obvious ‘women’ comments I could see as a scrolled through the thread, some of the comments were actually very true and interesting.

You had some predictable ones from hot weather, cheap Thai food and accommodation, but then you had some gems.

Plenty to miss in the land of smiles

What about the low priced cinemas for starters. I think it costs around 150 baht to go and watch a movie in Thailand, a fraction of the price you would pay in your domestic country.

Cheap public transport, which is spot on. When the meter is actually used in the taxis or you just use Grab taxi it’s peanuts. The baht buses get you from A to B for around 10 baht is amazing value. I would also add that Thailand has an excellent road network throughout the country – Although I would certainly not miss the dangerous driving here.

Those trips to the toilets will never quite be the same, I mean, how did we ever get by without the bum gums here in Thailand? I wondered why these did not exist in the UK, although that question was recently answered when I went back to visit family recently. My brother lives there with his Thai girlfriend and they have fitted a bum gum. I can tell you now, spraying freezing cold water up your backside is no laughing matter!

What about the night markets, would you miss them? Certainly a few of the forum users said they would. What about the low price massages available on every Soi. Sometimes I ask myself why I don’t make the most of these, I mean 200 baht for a Thai one hour massage is practically a give away.

I imagine that it is only when you leave Thailand and look back on your adventure that you will really remember the small things that made life so good. The sunsets can be awesome for example, and also never having to wear a coat wherever you go!

Thailand – affectionately known as ‘the land of smiles’ – offers us expats a great quality of life and when the day comes to finally say good bye, I am sure I will miss it more than I could ever imagine.


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