I am certainly not grandeur enough to think I know it all, especially on the topic of living in Thailand. But, I do know when it’s time to distance yourself from all the naysayers and wingers who moan about certain things in Thailand.

I hear it all the time and now it just falls on deaf ears. “They don’t want us here anymore!”, “It’s too expensive to live in Thailand now”, “They make it to hard for us to live here” and so on.  I think with some people even if they won a millionaire dollars they would grumble about not knowing what to do with it. It is toxic and life is too short to get involved in such negativity.

For sure when I travel throughout Thailand, such as recently my trips to the provinces of Phrae and Nan, it was absolutely delightful. But, strangely, it is the small moments that perhaps give me more joy. And it is these such moments that naysayers are blinded too.

There is a beautiful little coffee bar along Jomtien beach, tucked just off the road but with a view across the coastline. The staff are always polite and happy and it creates a wonderfully pleasant retreat on a Sunday morning. Here I can sit either alone or with my family and just watch, think and relax. It is paradise and a bliss that costs no more than my 50 baht iced cappuccino.

Live life happy everyday and moment in Thailand

My wife quite often has these plans for where we should next move as she seeks something that she doesn’t think exists where we are now. I don’t agree with her, but I am always open to a new adventure or plan. We just approach it differently – she is chasing something, whereas – although very ambitious – I am blissfully content with my life as it is.

As Expats we can all feel lost or confused at times

When I speak to fellow expats living as Expats in Thailand, most of us seem to have shared concerns: Are we doing the right thing living abroad in Thailand?

It’s a big question. Many have left good friends and loved ones back in our domestic countries and in someway living abroad, at times, can feel like we are not really at ‘home’. When new rules are introduced to toughen up immigration and visas, we are entitled to feel a little vulnerable. How can we feel at ‘home’ when all that is needed is for our visa to be cancelled and that is the end of our Thai adventure? A home must feel secure and comfortable.

But does it. Ultimately its often just a perception for how we think we should live. There are no rules for how we should live out life and, for me, the freer we can feel, the better.

Life is too short to spend it worrying unnecessarily.

It’s why we MUST enjoy every moment

We never know what the future holds as an expat, but in our hearts we know we love living in Thailand. Otherwise we would not be here – we should give ourselves credit where credit is due.

I must use my coffee bar example again in Jomtien. As I sat and enjoyed my drink, feeling a breeze but with the warm sun on my skin. My kids played and my wife made some calls on her mobile. For this one moment, I had no stress from work, my family were healthy and the environment was paradise. It really was.

The world can throw up problems, so enjoy the everyday moments in Thailand

But it can all change in a moment, so we must enjoy these golden, what seem like regular moments, as magical.

If you cannot feel content in everyday moments, then you need to think about what you have more (and not focus on what you have not). I say it to my wife and I must conclude on it now. Life is so god dam short and tragic that we must – we have no choice – enjoy what we have in the moment. Feel the sun on your shoulders, enjoy the love from family and friends, delight in every mouthful of somtam or pad Thai; right down to every breath of fresh air (depending on the time of the year!!).


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