It would be all too easy for me to just list all the different attractions that Hua Hin offers to build the compelling case for why Hua Hin is well worth a visit; but that is just far to predictable and by and large a little dull and uninspiring for anyone reading. Top things to do lists are done to death, old hat and not worth the read.

Tell me something new, something that captures that Je nai sai quoi, you know the heart and soul of the area that makes it so desirable, because to me this is what Hua Hin really has in abundance.

I have traveled pretty much all the main areas of the Thailand, not really the second and third tier locations, but I have hit the key places and for me Hua Hin is one of my favourites.

The people are nice – both Thais, expats and tourists; there is a common courtesy and respect that you most definitely do not find in locations like Pattaya. When driving in Pattaya any on coming traffic will flash their lights aggressively and do everything they can not to let you pass or get into lane, yet in Hua Hin cars will give way and there is a driving code that you normally only find in Western worlds. The two locations of Pattaya and Hua Hin are poles apart.

Whereas Bangkok is fast paced and hectic – which actually is part of its appeal – Hua Hin is more sedate and relaxed. You just need to look around and you see a more content individual strolling the streets, riding a push bike or out for a spot of lunch. It is as if they have worked life out and so can be happy in all that they do. They have all found peace.

Whenever I visit Hua Hin all these feel good endorphins rub off on me, it’s infectious.

The absence of any industry near the region means the air is clean too, something not the case with areas like Bangkok and Pattaya. And with the mountainous terrain nearby it means everywhere you look on the horizon looks like it is straight out of a beautiful painting.

I live in Pattaya and it has a lot of benefits such as easy access into Bangkok and a host of restaurants, but I also know it attracts some of the worst type of people; Hua Hin is the polar opposite. If I left my wallet behind in Hua Hin I would think it would be handed to the police or that someone would run after me to give it back. It is just a nice place to be.

So forget all the attractions, of which there are many, for me Hua Hin is about how it makes me feel. I don’t want to be all lovey dovey and sweet for an area – it’s not good for traffic for starters! – but in Hua Hins case I reluctantly make an exception. If you want to feel happy and content I suggest you check out Hua Hin for yourself.


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