I want to start with a statement my old primary teacher used to tell everyone and it really stuck around with me to this day – “A bored person is a boring person”. Her point was that there is no reason to ever be bored in this life unless you have a predisposition to letting yourself feel this way. It seems the perfect way to tee up this blog as I see no reason to ever let yourself get bored where ever you live. In my opinion, being bored is a perception.

It brings me to Hua Hin. My video production manager recently visited Hua Hin with me and he kept saying that there was nothing to do in and that if you had no job here you would get bored very quickly. He is from Pattaya and was quick to point out how much variety there was to do in Pattaya versus Hua Hin. I could not help but think his argument was based more on validation that he chose to live in Pattaya rather than facts.

I have lived in both Pattaya and Hua Hin and certainly see a difference in both regions and on face value I even get why some would say Hua Hin is sleepy and a tad boring – but it doesn’t mean they are right. Where people go wrong is they use the wrong metrics to judge. Of course if you like a wild, exciting nightlife – like found in Pattaya – then by contrast Hua Hin could look sleepy, but it does not make it boring.

image: Drinking in a bar is not fun for everyone

A young child would find the theatre boring and an adult would find watching Peppa Pig cartoons boring. We are all invigorated by different things and that is the same in when choosing where to live.

Experience in each region shows your true understanding

Pattaya often gets bad press and bad mouthed from many people. Most are from those who never really knew Pattaya and perhaps only been there once or twice. It is condescending and absolutely incorrect. Pattaya is certainly rough around the edges and you need to be streetwise but for 12 years I thoroughly enjoyed the vastness of things to do in the city. There are restaurants for every nationality (and all very keenly priced), great nightlife, right through to plenty of things for my kids to do. It is underrated – there is just so much to do with your time there.

Hua Hin has the same stigma, but in Hua Hins case it is for being ‘boring’ and again it is simply not true.

The truth is it all comes down to the individual

My view is aligned to what my primary school teacher told me all those years back. There is no reason to be bored unless you are a boring person. If you strip life back to the basics it can be very easy to get bored – but only if you let it.

The key is to wake up with goals and plans to make each day a good one. The bonus to all this is if you live in an area rich in things to do that are aligned to what you want to do.

In Hua Hin I don’t see guys sitting in a bar at 10am, but I do see couples walking along the beach or going for a bike ride. Life is what you make it.

My conclusion therefore is very easy. Hua Hin is not boring, far from it in fact. Perhaps the real issue is with the person that said it.


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