There are times when I start to write my latest blog that I spend ages in the first instance trying to work out the theme or objective – To have no clear path seems nonsensical. As I write this now I have just enjoyed a full day in Chiang Mai with my family and tomorrow I have a day of business so I will get a relatively early night now. I decided to bring my family so I could mix business with pleasure on this trip.

I am a little torn on the path of this article. I could just write about how much I enjoyed my day in Chiang Mai, which, by the way, I certainly did; whilst I also want to add a more philosophical side to this too. The philosophical side comes from various things that have been happening around me whilst I go about my day to day business and life as usual here in Thailand. I also like to share what I am thinking with you, as I want you to know what my life is like in Thailand – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Let me try and explain, whilst also telling you about what I have done today in Chiang Mai. I did think that this would run the risk of the article becoming a series of rambles, but actually it is very considered.

Life for me and my family by and large is a amazing, it is what most can only dream of. A good friend and his wife from the UK were in Thailand for the first time last week and I spent a weekend with them. As we said our goodbyes he said to me my life seemed wonderful and in many ways he was envious of what I have. I know I do have a fantastic life compared to many of my friends living back in the UK. I have worked hard to create what I have but it doesn’t mean it is stress free or one big party. Far from it in fact, I work especially hard and it can be draining.

My main work spent within media certainly comes with its stresses and I am first to admit it has toughened me up over the years here in Thailand. You can never be quite sure of what problems are just around the corner. I know too well never to be off guard or rest on your laurels. I must also add whenever there are issues they are always from foreigners – there are some crazy individuals out there!

Also over the last month a couple of friends I know have fallen quite ill and it reminds me of how fragile and unexpected life can be. It only reinforces that whilst I also have goals and plans, I must also never take what I have now for granted.

So as my family and I visited the Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens and local waterfall here in Chiang Mai and given what has been going on away from this, I am not quite sure of how to position this piece. I am a blogger and vlogger that shares his adventure of living and working in Thailand – not, per se, a travel blogger. I don’t therefore have to follow any pidgeon holes on what I write about – as it’s about me and my life in Thailand.

Can you see the rainbow? Botanical Gardens in Chiang Mai

Can you see the rainbow? Botanical Gardens in Chiang Mai

I am approaching this blog therefore from two angles. My day today was amazing and yet another example of why living in Thailand is so great, but it comes attached with a cautionary message. A caution that nothing is life is certain and that it should be expected for the unexpected to happen. We should treasure and enjoy all those special moments and days far more than perhaps many of us do. Time is a commodity that we can never get back. We must remember, we have no idea what is around the corner good or bad.


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