I think the word I am looking for is fortunate. Fortunate because back on the 26th March when things looked like they could deteriorate fast in regards to Covid-19 in Thailand, I rushed my family from Pattaya to Koh Chang to isolate.  It was around the first week in April in which the lock downs started and the province of Trat, to which Koh Chang is part of, stopped outsiders from entering their province. I was fortunate to be on the right side of that lock down – on the beautiful island of Koh Chang.

Some thirty days later and I am now staying on the east side of the island at a gorgeous resort called Serenity Resort and Residences and have been enjoying every minute of it. This side of the island is away from the regular, popular tourist jaunts and as such is untouched beauty.

Basic pleasures like watching an early morning sunrise or hearing the soft tones of the gentle waves brushing the coastline are priceless and treasured moments. When I speak to my brothers back in the UK who are stuck in their homes and bored of the whole situation, that word comes back to me again. Fortunate. Fortunate that I am on such a glorious and stunning island like Koh Chang during this terrible times in the world.

I never bore of visiting Koh Chang

I must admit I cannot get enough of this island, whereas with other islands in Thailand after two or three visits the appeal wanes somewhat. Samui is a case in point, I loved this place so much but found the more I visited that the appeal evaporated quickly. It is far too commercial now. The balance Koh Chang offers by contrast is, to me, spot on. So, much so that I have visited Koh Chang well over a dozen times in the last 15 years – click here to read all my blogs and vlogs about the place.

On this vlog my family and I took a short kayak along some of the east side of the island and had a great time.

More information on Serenity Resort and Residence – Just Click Here.


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