I have just come back from a beautiful food market in Hua Hin this evening, there was live music, a wide arrange of food and drink and a wonderful atmosphere to boot. Earlier in the day my brother had rung me from Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok ecstatic that he was at last back in Thailand for a vacation after a grueling year of work in the UK; he would be with me in Hua Hin a few days time for some much needed R&R. We already have a few plans and my brother was happy to just spend time at my villa around the pool generally just chilling out and soaking up the suns warm rays. He was in very high spirits, he had worked all year for this two week break.

Life should be more than a 2 week vacation

We can all make of life what we want but after spending over a decade in Thailand I just cannot understand my Western stay at home counterparts. I try to be empathetic but I just cannot as it does not make sense. I have to pinch myself everyday at my life, it is simply wonderful. When I speak to my friends back in the UK I cannot detect the same euphoria. The Western system for the average guy just stinks too when you consider living costs and the compromise on their lifestyle.

According to Halifax bank, the average monthly take-home wage in the UK was £2,309 and the average monthly mortgage payment was £669. Almost a third of earnings spent on paying off a mortgage for your home. Leaving the average person in the UK £1,640 (70k baht) each month. A good friend of mine living just outside London makes around £90k a year and yet can only save £800 a month (34k baht). To me, given the grind and humdrum of UK living it is just not worth it. I struggle to understand motivations outside of just plain predictability.

Hard work, determination and a will to do more with your life should always get you what you deserve.

We all deserve the best life we can get, so why don’t people try for it?

I am not being condescending in anyway. The older I get the more I want to see everyone get the very best from their lives and it saddens me to see good friends back in the UK not jumping for joy with their life.

By contrast I never stop. I am hungry to take on each day and achieve new things.

Do you remember that excited feeling you got as a child on Christmas Eve knowing that Christmas Day was just around the corner? That is how I feel most of the time, sometimes I cannot sleep properly as I am too excited to start my next day.

At any one point I will have 5 or 6 projects on the go, some within my regular job and others stepping stones for future progression. I do it because of I enjoy the challenge and the buzz. I am meeting new people from different circles everyday and it’s as exciting as it is exhausting. Everyday counts and I always sleep with contentment. In the last 7 days I have been to Koh Chang, Pattaya and then Hua Hin in Thailand – setting another TV channel up, working with my team, client meetings, vlogging, planning a celebrity event for the new year – really the list goes on, it is endless. I am not worrying about paying a mortgage or a credit card and the sun is out just about everyday. I love my life, no questions about that. The same is not true for the average person in the UK or other Western countries.

Why do people settle for humdrum predictability, I just don’t get it?

Why would someone not want to spend some of their life living in another country, it is huge world so to stay in a self imposed ‘cage’ of where you were born is nonsensical and a crying shame. I guess this blog is a rant on my part and it is borne from a frustration that countries systems and societies are so rigid that people end up living a very one dimensional existence.

The same friend whom earns £90k in the UK laughed at me when I asked why him and his wife never get to spend anytime together on a night out. He said I was joking as a taxi to and from town would cost £100, a babysitter would be £20 and the food and drink another £100. He just could not afford this luxury. If this is the case, what is his life all about if he has such limited and compromised leisure time?

Life is short and people do not make the most of their limited time on this planet, they don’t appreciate or feel the urgency that I do to make it count and get the best from our time here before it is too late. All I hear are excuses for why they cannot do things. They make excuses to justify a stifled existence and it is a crying shame.

My rant is an attempt to rattle others into doing something special with their precious life, getting out of your domestic country will benefit you more than in just variety and change.

It will unlock you and set you free.


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