Very often many retirees who migrate to Thailand to enjoy their golden era find themselves drinking more and more as the years pass by. When I ask them what happens they say either its because it is the only way to socialise and make friends, whilst others say boredom.

Keep off the booze!

I must admit when I first moved to Thailand – without a plan and far too early to retire – I spent the best part of two years doing nothing more than partying. I would drink everyday and never rose until at least lunch time. It was no excuse but I had lost both my parents far too early, first my father at 43 years old and then when my mother died at 52 years I simply quit my job and jumped on a plane to Thailand. I was drinking too much and getting nothing else achieved in life, I mean how could I – I was either drunk or hungover? However one day I remember waking up and saying to myself ‘What the hell am I doing?‘. I was 32 years old. I stopped the drinking and found employment in Thailand, I started my own business. I can see first hand how you can get caught up in the routine but I broke the routine. Ten years later I count myself as successful now in Thailand with a fantastic job as managing director for the biggest foreign media group in Thailand.

There is no reason to turn to alcohol when in Thailand, you waste a glorious opportunity that YOU created by moving to Thailand in the first place. There is nothing good about sitting in an old beer bar or with a group of guys everyday drinking beer. I see far too many retirees die too early – and it is all their own fault from excessive beer and cigarettes.

So, what can you do?

There is a quote I love ‘what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve’. Basically you can do whatever you want (within reason of course). The trick to a fruitful life is always have a goal when you wake up, something you want to achieve that excites you.

1. Start Writing – You can even self publish online with websites like Amazon. If you started blogging – just like this – you can build a website and then monetise it with web banners, like Googleads.

2. Exercise – Go for walks or runs, maybe you live near the beach. It makes for a wonderful evening stroll or bike ride. You can get training advice for free online such as on You Tube. Meditation and Yoga can make you feel like a brand new person. Being in better health also means you get a better quality and longer life too.

3. Find a Hobby – Look for local expat groups that don’t just drink, it could be a networking event or local chess club. Take a search on in all the different forum groups. Maybe you fancy yourself as a budding photographer or artist, you can even go on to sell these if any good. There are plenty of stock photo online websites you can set up an account and list your photos for sale with. Why not learn to cook Thai food, the local markets and stores are full of fresh local produce? Go swimming, try fishing in one of the many lakes in Thailand, go shopping or simply set off in your car and explore the wider Thailand region. The list is actually very extensive, you just need the idea in the first place.

4. Support Local Charity – There are many heartbreaking situations in Thailand from orphans to sick children. They are starved of love and attention. You will find this very fulfilling and rewarding.

5. Find Nice Places to Visit – This can be as simple as a weekly trip to Starbucks to enjoy a coffee and catch up on the news on your smart phone. Try a different place to go each week so you don’t become predictable, as that will become boring. Each day work out somewhere you can go and explore near you, be alone in your own thoughts can be very therapeutic. Exploring and seeing new things helps keep you stimulated.

In summary, resist the urge to head to the bar and see out your days looking into a beer glass. Keep active and never stop creating new ideas of things you can achieve each day. Thailand can be a wonderful, beautiful experience or it can end in a disaster if you lose control. As a read through my list above, it’s a little sterile – I mean its not hard to come up with the ideas really is it, but many don’t and can become very lost and ultimately bored.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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