I was driving in to Bangkok last week with two of my foreign staff and we were chatting away, as you do, about living in Thailand. What did we like, what did we not like – I am sure many of you living in Thailand have the same conversation with your peer group. I mentioned my recent travels over the years to places like the UK, Australia, Dubai, Singapore and the likes; and it is there we hit our dilemma. If we were not living in Thailand, then where would we go?

The Decision is not Straightforward

The topic had more significance that I initially realised. You see many of us moan at times about living in Thailand and threaten to up sticks and move, but many – unless financial – never actually make the move. The reason, it could well be, is better the devil you know than the one you don’t. But, you know, it can even run deeper than that.

It can run even deeper with perhaps the real question being ‘Where would you go next?’. The likely suspect being your domestic country, and in years gone by that move would be straightforward. However, and the line of debate I had in my car, do you really want to go back to the UK now? Brexit tensions, immigration issues seem to be getting worse, reports that more people now get killed in London than New York, an NHS ready to burst, schools with electric barriers more reminiscent of a prison; is this really somewhere to live now?

What of the nearby Alternatives?

So where else? Looking at nearby locations popular with some expats. Firstly the Philippines, well it depends on what area, but you really need to be a serious monger to choose somewhere like Angeles – what else is there to do other than sit in bars? Cambodia is still a bit wild west.

You have quality locations nearby like Singapore and Australia, but they are very expensive and difficult to find employment for a regular expat living in Thailand. Culturally too it would take some adaptation from what we are used to in Thailand.

Anyway, our debate continued and not one of us could put forward a country that would be a viable alternative to living Thailand. You will know my position on Thailand if you have read any of my previous blogs. It can be very frustrating, but there are still lots and lots of benefits to living here.

So, let me put it out there to you. Where is a viable alternative to Thailand for an expat to relocate too. There are so many variables to consider that it becomes very difficult to do. We were unable to put forward a country, so, can you?


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