Twice in the last few years I have hit the jackpot in my business by utilsing older foreign wisdom and experience.

The first was with Rod McNeill a former ABC news reader in Australia who was just perfect in the role of a news reader for the Thaivisa daily news. He may be older and a bit greyer but as a news reader he still had it.

The second was Graham Gold, who in his prime was headlining the biggest nights in Ibiza and was one of London’s most popular radio DJs on Kiss 100FM. He sounded awesome when he hosted our morning show on Thaivisa online radio, which sadly never gained traction and so I stopped it. But the learning’s were in all the untapped talent and experience that we are surrounded by in Thailand from retired expats.

OK so retirees are not the best bunch to pool together and discuss the latest tech trends or social networks and some of their knowledge may be a little dated, but their years of business and life experience is invaluable.

It is such a shame to see this all go to waste and I have yet to work out how this opportunity can be harnessed for everyone’s benefit – including, of course, the retiree.

We all get older, there is no getting away from it, but I find it very sad that after all those years of working and then hitting retirement that society doesn’t embrace retirees more.  Sure retirees can enjoy their golden era and slow down somewhat, but I am sure many of them would still love to be involved in the excitement of life’s hustle.

My point to this is in among all of the retirees no longer working is lots and lots of talent. Think twice before you simply ignore the old guy that sits next to you in a bar.  You have no idea what opportunity could be sitting right next to you!


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