It seems the terms and conditions for living in Thailand as an Expat change every month and has left many feeling uncertain about what the future holds. So when Thailand Elite approached Dan about Thailand to be a show sponsor, I was more than happy to get involved and share their information.

Quite correctly there has been a clampdown on visa misuse such as the Education visa being used with no intentions of ever going to school. Retirees likewise were worried when they heard about mandatory health insurance being introduced – only to have it clarified that this was only for those applying for a non-immigrant O-A visa.

However all of these worries and concerns can be put to one side with a Thailand Elite Residence visa, but for most, it is a little misunderstood; and what became apparent when I spoke to the team managing this was there are far more benefits to the program than most of us are aware of.

The perks for Thailand Elite Members

There is no minimum residence requirement and residents can stay in the country for as long as they wish within the parameters of their chosen program option. Participants are also not required to hold funds in their accounts.

VIP Airport Service

Includes shuttle from arrivals to express counter, an express counter at border control, airport lounge access and complimentary limousine transfers. All of these costs can help you offset against the cost of the benefit whilst also taking away the hassles and strains of travel.

Assistance, Always

24/7 member contact centre, business and law consultancy.

Complimentary Benefits

Access to luxury golf services, spa treatments and medical check-up. Again you can offset these costs to help justify acquiring the visa.

Exclusive Discounts

Hotels, restaurants, duty-free shops and retail centres.

Costs of Thailand Elite Residence Program

The Thailand Elite Residence Program offers seven residence options that start from a five-year privilege entry visa for TBH 600,000 right up to a 20-year entry visa. You will not be able to apply for this visa after 14th September, 2023. 

I can certainly see lots of appeals and also with the various perks associated with this program it is quite easy to offset costs. To find out more you can contact Thailand Elite direct via the contact form below:


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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