It has very quietly been going under the radar as it continues to test and refine but now is about to make a big noise in the influencer marketing channel – and the launch has been in Thailand.

Advertising as an industry has been adapting for many years and traditional influencer marketing has become the growth channel whilst other areas have struggled. Consumers are more street smart to a web banner or stand out advert and are far more trusting of what influencers recommend.

That said, it is well known that word of mouth recommendations from one friend to another is about as powerful an endorsement as it gets.  In fact, Customers acquired through word of mouth promotion spend 200% more than the average customer (source: LXA Hub). is the brainchild of Dan about Thailand, who has worked in media and advertising in Thailand for over 10 years and before that in sales and marketing for Coca-Cola. Dan loves influencer marketing and the potential still to further develop this channel – and for the good of not just businesses but customers. takes all the ingredients that make word of mouth so successful and scales it online so businesses can effectively get hundreds of relevant online endorsements on social media everyday (if they wanted that many!).

The product has been in development for three years and is now getting traction and proving time and again an excellent tool for businesses to grow sales and build trust at the same time.

Why not test a campaign for your business – it could be a restaurant, bar, operate in eCommerce or maybe you just want to grow your Facebook page through relevant customer endorsements. Visit and see why influencer marketing can be even more powerful when it unlocks the power of everyday customers and social users.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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