I really enjoy getting to meet business, institutions and people across Thailand. Meeting Peter Gilmore, head of boarding at Regents International School Pattaya, and two boarding students, was hugely insightful for me.

Hands up, when I first heard about boarding options all I could think of was Harry Potter and Hogwarts school. I had never considered boarding as an option for my two children here in Thailand and as such was naive and largely ignorant to the benefits.

Of course, boarding school will not be favoured by everyone but what shone through in these interviews was the fact that quite often it was the children that wanted to take the boarding option.

Regents International School Pattaya is a great school and I am getting so much from my time spent with this school. If you missed my first vlog with their principle Sarah Osborne-James then you can view it here – Click to watch.

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You can message them any questions directly here:

Or if you want more details specifically for your children they have a more detailed contact form – Just Click Here.


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