Does anyone else wish time would just slow don’t a little? Whenever I open my Facebook feed and see a memory post appear what amazes me is when it was from – quite often showing over 5 or so years ago.

image: How did 9 years fly by so quickly?!

Facebook can also reveal a reality check on life too. Try scrolling through your friend’s list and the chances are a few of your friends have already died.  It’s just a stark reality to life,  unfortunately.

Now, this blog is not designed to make you feel crappy about life, far from it in fact.  I am somewhat writing this for myself also, to act as a timely reminder that life is short and we should not be blazay about life choices such as where to live!

If the world is one big playground, why do many of us choose to play only on the swing?

For now, Thailand ticks all the right boxes. What I do find confusing when I speak to fellow Expats is more often than not the only options people consider for locations to live seem restricted to either Thailand or their domestic country. There are 195 countries in the world, why would you restrict options so much? Look at online surveys and you will see quite often locations like Panama and Mexico continually rate as the best locations for retire – yet I never really hear Expats in Thailand ponder these options. 


Quite often I dream of new locations, which can range anywhere from Australia, America to European countries. Each can offer something unique and fascinating.  Sadly, our time on earth is limited and this should drive all of us to make the right, bold decisions to get the most from it. 


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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