Let’s start this blog with some exchange rate conversions for you, 1,000 baht converts to £22.68 and US$32.

So, just as a bit of fun initially, I posted on my Twitter and Facebook pages asking people what they buy for 1,000 baht. It must have hit a nerve with people as the answers kept coming and coming. Some were silly, others a tad rude (well, I had to expect that) and others were altogether quite insightful and interesting. There was also some differentiation in the answers between platforms, with Facebook proving far more cheeky in it replies gathered than Twitter (so much so I deleted the post afterwards in the name of clean moderation!).

So what can you buy?

One expat on Twitter from Surin said 1,000 baht is his daily budget. Whereas one of my Thai followers said it would equate to 2 bottles of Australian Shiraz from Wine Connection.

Hotel accommodation in Thailand can be great value so many commented that this can a cheap room for the night.

Simon from Pattaya said a 1,000 baht gets him a Thai green curry, coconut rice and some beer whilst he can watch the sunset along Pattaya beach.

Some common themes did crop up, besides the naughty comments, and they related to alcohol. George from Rayong said the money pays for a bottle Scotch and cigarettes.

‘Kevin’ must have some good travel agents as he said the money can pay for a internal flight anywhere in Thailand. I need to get his number as I pay a little bit more than that – especially if flying into Samui where Bangkok Air own the monopoly on flights coming into the island!

Other popular answers revolved around food and drink, from a small grocery shop to a night out. For me, if I grab some food and drink after work with my wife I expect a 1k baht to cover our meals and a couple of beers. In fact if you cut the beer out it can be much cheaper.

In general I liked the answers and when I converted into UK pound or American dollar it just highlights some of the great value still on offer when you shop around Thailand.


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