This blog could fail spectacularly, so forgive me now if it does. Sometimes it is nice to try and mix the type of content up on Dan about Thailand to keep things interesting (plus, probably more truthfully, it’s hard work producing new content each week!).

For nothing more than tomfoolery and tongue planted firmly in cheek I want to imagine what Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and Bangkok would be if they were one of your family members.

This is not supposed to offend anyone from any region, I will go for the extreme stereotypes in each instance.

PATTAYA – Uncle Steve – Good ‘laff’ and divorced for 30 years

Good old Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve was the Uncle you got to see only on big occasions, and when he turned up he’d be half cut and chain smoking. He always made an effort to entertain the kids with woefully inappropriate sexist jokes. You could not fault him for trying though as he was a decent sort.

PHUKET – Auntie Patty – Always carried herself with grandeur but reminded us of Uncle Steve

Auntie Patty was now somewhat older than we remember, her skin tired and a little wrinkled from too much sun (or could that be a sunbed tan?). She never liked Uncle Steve and would always talk bad about him – but we are sure she went to the same school and that they were more alike then she wanted to admit.

If Aunt Patty was Patty from the Simpsons, Uncle Steve would be Homer Simpson

HUA HIN – Grandpa Arnold – Older, less mobile but great for stories!

Grandpa Arnold must be over 100 years old now, he always seems to be there and whenever you catch him he will tell you about his war stories and memories as a lad. Where ever Grandpa Arnold went so did his blanket to keep him warm and his walking stick. We all loved him, even though he was a bit boring.

Always so many stories from the past to talk about – told the same stories every time you met

BANGKOK – Cousin Mike – A family man who worked hard (still liked a beer, mind!)

Cousin Mike always had his eye on building a good career for himself and would never shy away from being a family man with a couple of kids. He worked hard but treated himself (on finance) with that 2-million baht motorcar he craved. Although he hardly drove it as he preferred the convenience of public transport. Occasionally he would go and see Uncle Steve for a blow out but never really hit it off with Auntie Patty.

Cousin Mike was a family favourite!


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