Anyone upbeat about a return to relative normality soon, I have to be honest, I am far from convinced. I think Covid-19 is going to cause long term problems for the world. When I hear people pay reference to more deaths in Thailand each day by traffic accidents, it almost beggars belief to their naivety. This virus could get out of control.

Self-isolation appears the only solution and I struggle to see how we can possibly return to normality for at least the next 2-months. It’s a nasty and horrific situation.

Back on March 17th of this year I had some meetings in central Bangkok and Covid-19 was already a real concern for people. I even wondered if my two meetings would be cancelled. The tourist industry was even then feeling the full effects of this virus and many hotels I saw were absolutely deserted.

When I returned back to Pattaya, I spoke with my wife about what I had seen. I have two young kids and I am very protective over their health and well-being. Although kids don’t seem to be getting the illness like adults, I was not prepared to take a risk. My youngest had lung issues two years ago, so I don’t want this virus getting anywhere near him.

We decided to relocate to Koh Chang before this all escalated, and it was clear that it would. I could work remotely from my laptop and my kids would have open space to run around in.

I was hugely reluctant to post this vlog as visually it paints the picture of me living the life of Reilly as I walk in the sea. But remember, I live in Thailand and so these are some of the luxuries we have regardless. I chose Thailand to live over the UK with lifestyle very much in mind, and boy have I worked my ass off to afford my family the life we can have.

However, my main motive of coming to Koh Chang was to get my family away from people and self-isolate.

Anyway, here is my update.


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