Given I have chosen to live in Thailand, one could suspect the heading to this blog is preloaded with an expectation for me to say Thailand. Well, that’s not necessarily the case.

For one moment let’s just assume that International travel was stopped forever. Hardly surprising this playful conundrum came from looking at the International travel restrictions we find ourselves in at the moment due to this global pandemic.

Actually it is not beyond possibility that if a nastier virus was to surface the world could find itself in a semi-permanent lock down in the future. Heaven forbid.

So, my question again: What country would you choose to live if International travel was taken away from you?

It brings a whole debate on family, friends, safety to cultural clashes longer term.

For me – a Brit – I would hate to think I could never experience seasons again, like autumn, or small things like a trip to a British pub. In my head I know this is all accessible even though I live here in Thailand and so that’s reassuring.

If I was pushed to make an impulsive decision, for as much as I love Thailand, I think I would opt to return back to the UK.


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